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Your absinthe-minded party might need medical supervision

Posted on November 6, 2012 by

The taste testers at  weren’t impressed after their fans voted they perform their next laboratory on absinthe. The comedy group allowed YouTubers to comment and upvote the alcohol they wanted the trio to test and of course, they chose the most disgusting drink ever. The historic, highly alcoholic, anise-flavoured alcohol derived from botanicals is said to give you hallucinations but mostly it just made the testers drunk.

After round four, Miles, Alexis and Nick were singing and dancing and by round nine they were puking in the toilet. While they didn’t see any green fairies (that we know of) it looks like the drink did inspire them to write some deep, artistic poetry.

Don’t worry, as far as we know they were all okay in the end and as always, the whole laboratory was medically supervised by Nurse Brittany. It was probably still a lot worse than their chipper wine garden party.

What’s the deadliest alcohol you’ve ever had?

Watch it here

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