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Tumblr Tuesday: Midnight snacks, statement tanks, the Believe Tour and more

Posted on November 6, 2012 by

Experience the Believe Tour

If you didn’t already hear the amazing news, ANDPOP is giving you the chance to see Canadian hottie Justin Bieber as he stops off in Toronto on Dec. 1. Find out how you and a friend could WIN tickets to the show. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even end up on stage and be his One Less Lonely Girl. [lebieberedits]

Statement tank-tops

Usually when you become a professional fan-girl, you go all out. I’m sure there have been countless times when you and your friend have fought over which member of the band is “yours.” Now you can claim your man with these tanks. [llamarianastrench]

How many times has this happened to you?

Sometimes when you’re trying to accomplish an all-nighter or just had a bit too much fun at a party you tend to forget to set your alarm. In other words not good. If you’re going to have a late night, remember to set an alarm or two BEFORE you leave and pack your bags incase of any altercations. [modelcity]

Spend your free time doing something productive 

Do you remember what you did this summer?  Browsing the Internet and re-blogging cute gifs don’t count. Why don’t you pick up a hobby like playing the guitar or learning a new language? You might be surprised what you can actually accomplish!  [tig-rs]

Meaningful tatts

I wonder how some celebs feel when a fan comes up to them and flashes off their new permanent art. Just remember whatever you get will be with you 1000 percent forever… unless you get some laser removal. [itsbigcitydreams]

Would you make the same “decisions” as Miley?

Miley has totally broken apart from her Hannah Montana days. She’s featured on Borgore’s dance track “Decisions,” which shocked a lot of people. But how much can you really be surprised after the pixie cut?  [damn-theyve-got-that-swag]

Midnight snacks

Night after night, I stay up way past my bedtime, which inevitably leads to my stomach growling for food. That wouldn’t be the case if I went to bed everyday at the same time. One of my fave snacks is Nutella on toast or a spoon. Which do you prefer? [w-0lfsban3]

Even Kim Kardashian loves to eat

Wake up, eat. Go on the computer, eat. Go to class, eat. Pretty much the story of my life. Sometimes when I’m just down right bored I eat. Anyone else catch my drift? [jewjewbeens]

One Direction released their newest music video

One Direction doesn’t jump around and play in the pool in their latest music video. Ed Sheeran wrote their newest single, “Little Things,” which you’ll be able to hear on their album Take Me Home on Nov. 13. [hstylesworld]

My pet is cuter than your pet

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there’s is always that one friend who posts countless pictures of their cat. Obviously it’s because they think he/she is the greatest thing ever. Even though they’re kinda annoying, I gotta admit, my heart as a soft spot for them. [cuteoverload]

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