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Eleven celebrities and who they’re voting for

Posted on November 6, 2012 by

Katy Perry — Obama

Every election there are always a few celebrities that love to endorse their chosen presidential candidate to the world, in an attempt to sway your vote. Take Katy Perry for instance, who literally wears her political leanings on her sleeve. Perry wore this “Forward” dress in support of Obama on Saturday, at a political rally in Milwaukee. “Forward” of course, is the slogan of Obama’s campaign.

Will Ferrell — Obama

Will Ferrell doesn’t necessarily care who you vote for (Obama… Obama), he just wants you to vote in this election. He’ll eat garbage, hair or underpants. He’ll even punch himself in the face. He wraps it up by encouraging one candidate in particular: “Vote Obama! It’s a slam dunk!”

Mr. Burns — Romney

The Simpson’s resident Republican Mr. Burns put out a special message in support of Mitt Romney. Unfortunately his endorsement is probably unwanted considering he’s an antagonist on the show. Gotta love Fox ripping on Romney.

Chris Rock — Obama 

Comedian Chris Rock targeted a special message to undecided voters of the caucasian variety on . “In times like these, you need a white president you can trust and that white president’s name is Barack Obama,” he says. The facts: for the first two thirds of his life he was known as Barry (such a white name apparently) and his parents were so white they had to wear sunglasses so they wouldn’t hurt each others eyes. Still don’t believe him? Obama is still whiter than Snooki.

Beyonce — Obama

Beyonce and Jay-Z are always outspoken about their support of Barack Obama, even when they’re quietly sitting courtside at a basketball game. The Brooklyn Nets played their first game of the NBA season in their new home on Saturday night and the couple was there. Beyonce wore her gold Obama hoop earrings. The rapper also joined Bruce Springsteen on Monday night and performed his hit “99 Problems” but in this version, Mitt replaced b*tch. Jay-Z didn’t even get clearance to do the song and Republicans were quick to call the remix offensive.

Jay-Z — Obama

Joss Whedon — Romney (but not really)

The Avenger’s Joss Whedon insists you vote for Mitt Romney because the Republicans’ promises will guarantee poverty, unemployment, overpopulation and rioting — elements that are crucial to creating a chaotic wasteland. Wouldn’t a Zombie Apocalypse be so cool?

Lena Dunham — Obama

Republicans were pretty upset with Lena Dunham’s flirty political ad for Barack Obama because she compared your first time voting to your first time having sex. The Girls creator talked about how your first time should be with someone who really cares about you. He should care about health insurance, birth control and ending war. Someone who believes gay people should have complicated weddings of the kind we see on Bravo and TLC. While the whole thing was meant to be cute, Republicans thought it was vile.

Melissa Joan Hart — Romney

Melissa Joan Hart received death threats after tweeting: “Can’t get too political in only 140 chac [characters] but for those asking, I’m voting #RomneyRyan.” She received a slew of negative responses from followers calling her racist and stupid, though others congratulated her for braving the backlash.

Donald Trump — Mitt Romney

Donald Trump has a vendetta against Barack Obama. The billionaire real estate mogul offered to donate $5 million to charity if the president released his college records and passport applications.

Lady Gaga — Equality

Lady Gaga took a moment to remind voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington that they have the power to legalize marriage equality at the polls this year.

Who are you voting for?

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