Weird News: Pregnant zombies, woman swallows toothbrush, the worst fight ever and more

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Cellphone for a rat

I’m willing to do ┬ásome pretty questionable things to get myself a new cellphone, but this is too much. In Johannesburg, South Africa they have a pretty serious rat problem. One charity in the area called Lifeline, has recently tried to help stop the spread of rats by offering cellphones to anyone who brings them at least 60 rats. Just stop and think of how many rats that really is. You have to, I guess, kill them? or maybe just trap that many rats. Then you throw them in your car and bring them to the charity? This sounds like my nightmare. Imagine driving with a giant box of rats riding shotgun…

Woman looses tooth brush in her throat…

This 19-year-old girl was brushing her teeth one day, like normal, when she accidentally swallowed her tooth brush? Seriously? Okay, she had no gag reflex so maybe it’s possible. She said she felt it slipping down her throat, but there was nothing much she could do about it. I’m sorry, umm, if I feel something slipping down my throat I would definitely catch it. How hard are you brushing those pearly whites? Do we really need to add another warning label?

Pregnant zombie arrested for DUI

Police were called to tend to a shooting victim at a busy intersection. Only thing is, when they got there they realized the woman wasn’t the victim of a shooting, but rather wearing a halloween costume. She was dressed up as a pregnant zombie. When police first arrived they admitted they would’ve thought the same thing. Instead of being shot, the woman was intoxicated. Imagine if she was slurring her words too? She would’ve literally sounded like a zombie, terrifying.

Bambi, is that you?

An Ontario man, driving to Alberta, saw a dead deer on the side of the road and just had to have it. He cut off the deer’s head, strapped it to his van and continued on his journey. Police stopped him and seized the head. Apparently that isn’t a normal thing to do, no kidding! The man wasn’t charged or fined, but was told about the laws of having proper paperwork if you want to travel with wildlife…

Worst fight ever

I don’t condone men and women fights, but this has got to be the most bizarre fight I’ve ever heard of. A man beat his girlfriend with a python. She suffered bruises after being whipped by the snake multiple times. He also threw temporary stairs at her. This sounds like something crazy that you would have a nightmare about. Has me thinking like David after the dentist. Is this real life?

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  1. Phillius Thomas says:

    If the rats ruined the piping in a home, can you get water damage restoration on insurance? That would be so good.

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