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“Silver Lining” – Jessie J

Wow, talk about a feel good track! Jessie J belts it out in her new song “Silver Lining (Crazy About You),” which will appear on the soundtrack for the new Bradley Cooper movie Silver Linings Playbook. Jessie strays from her usual urban pop vibe with this ballad, but it really gives her a chance to showcases her incredible voice. With a pounding beat, this track is anything but soft, and it’s a great reminder to always cherish life and look on the bright side when you’re down. Silver Linings Playbook is in theatres Nov. 21.

“Young Wild Girls” – Bruno Mars

Oh, Bruno Mars… with your sweet, luscious voice that gives me goosebumps every time, your fedora hat perched ever so perfectly on that beautiful head of yours… what I would give to date you for a single day! But alas, I’m but a mere girl destined to be forever alone as I pine for you, hoping to someday be the young, wild girl you sing about. Pretty much, dear readers, Bruno Mars’ new track is perfect, heartfelt, and catchy as always. I approve. Pick up Mars’ new album Unorthodox Jukebox on Dec. 11.

“Bat For a Heart” – Ashlee Simpson

Uh Oh…Ashlee Simpson has a new single out. And she is pissed. The track is presumably aimed at ex-beau Pete Wentz, as some blogs point out the symbol for Clandestine Industries, Wentz’s clothing company, is in fact a bat in a heart. Reeeaal sly there Ashlee. Either way, the song has spunk and Ashlee is pretty feisty in the video with platinum hair and dark eyes. She looks good, she sounds good and the track makes a great “F-You” to any ex boyfriend you want to say good riddance to.

“Affection” – Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles are the masters of mixing atmospheric vocals with banging beats and synth. Everytime I hear a new Crystal Castles track I’m always taken aback as to just how they manage to come up with these tracks. Affection lays swirling vocals on top of a pulsing synth line and hard beat, and the whole thing molds together perfectly. It’s a little haunting so if you’re still feeling the Halloween spirit this is one for you. Crystal Castles’ new album III is out Nov. 12.

“Non-State Actor” – Soundgarden

In case you haven’t heard, Soundgarden is all set to release their first album in 16 years, King Animal. When I heard the album name I was expecting some ferocious sounding guitars and angry vocals. “Non-State Actor,” the second single off the album, gives you just that. Chris Cornell has definitely honed his fierce voice, over the years and while the band hasn’t really changed up their sound too much, why fix what isn’t broken? I could definitely see this new track being a contender for a new Guitar Hero video game. “King Animal” drops on Nov. 13.

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