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10 animal photos of the day that’ll make you go “d’aw”

Posted on November 5, 2012 by

Someone hand this poor cat the remote so he can watch Oprah’s Lifeclass

Moment of silence for Marty, the inspiration behind Nyan Cat. RIP Marty

Goodnight Sweet Prince of the Day

Proof that seals evolved from Golden Retrievers 

Actually, YouTube’s Board of Directors is all-feline

Look at This Cat of the Day

Planet of the lions. It will happen. 

New meme in China: Ripping up photos of Chairman Meow Mao

Resentment of the Day

Say hello to this baby giraffe

And don’t forget these baby pandas!¬†

Tom Hanks just said f*ck it, Imma be a cat today

This crab is penning a semi-autobiographical chick lit novel for sea creatures

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