Snoop Lion talks to cute kids in his new video “La La La”

Posted on November 2, 2012 by

We’re used to seeing half-naked women and drugs in Snoop Dogg’s music videos, but the thing is, he’s not Snoop Dogg anymore — he’s Snoop Lion. With a new name and a new music direction (reggae) it seems the rapper has also made over his wild music videos.

In the visuals for “La La La,” Snoop Lion talks to cute costumed kids about his new name and whether or not they like it. One of the girls, dressed as a bumble bee, confesses that she liked him better when he was Snoop Dogg (I’m guessing because she prefers dogs to lions).

Snoop Lion leads a conga line of these cute kids through a cartoon version of Noah’s Ark. Then he’s put in a coffin and is resurrected as a lion — King of the Jungle. He sits in his throne while a smoking pineapple floats up and down on the screen.

The song is from his forthcoming album Reincarnated. 

Watch it here

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