Slender Man prank freaks out college students

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Prankster  and his cameraman James Perez found the perfect way to freak out the students on their college campus. The prankster hid in an alleyway dressed as the Slender Man legend and filmed people’s reactions.

If you don’t know the fake-lore behind Slender Man, it goes like this: In 2009, a contest was launched on Something Awful forums to doctor real photographs so they contained “supernatural” entities. User Victor Surge photoshopped a series of children to show a tall, pale, faceless being with tentacles standing in the background. He described how the children later vanished. Later, a YouTube user named MarbleHornets created “found footage” videos about the Slender Man. The legend just grew bigger from there.

I have to say, out of all the Halloween pranks I’ve seen this year (voodoo prank, Zombie drive-thru) this one would definitely get me the most. There’s nothing scarier than some paranormal entity staring at you from a dark alleyway. Shudder.

This Minnie Mouse chick, would not last long in the real Slender Man world though. While most people ran away scared she went up to him innocently and was all “cool costume, what are you?”

Watch it here:

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  1. Dumb fuckin broad. “dont push me, Ima girl”

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