One Direction love all the “Little Things” about you in their new music video

Posted on November 2, 2012 by

One Direction was taunting us everyday with the many countdowns to their new music video “Little Things” and my head was about to explode in anticipation. It’s finally here and #LittleThingsOnVEVO is already trending on Twitter.

The guys were pretty practical with the music video too, filming it in a recording studio as they casually sing and look adoringly into the camera. Overall, the video is pretty low key. It was shot in black and white and has a simple theme, which makes sense considering it’s a slower ballad. This way, we really get to focus on the message of the song (that you’re BEAUTIFUL) and their ridiculously good-looking profiles.

Also, how bout these gifs from magnificent-mofo, huh?

Watch it here

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