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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert bro-it-up on Jimmy Kimmel

Posted on November 2, 2012 by

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert revealed the origins of their long-standing relationship on Jimmy Kimmel. Little did I know, they met on JDate where Colbert was “trolling for Jews.” Now they live together and commute to work everyday on a tandem bicycle.

If only this was true. The story of how they actually met is no less fascinating. Colbert trolled Stewart’s press conference, when he first got selected to host The Daily Show. Colbert decided to cover The Daily Show’s event (even though he already worked there) and asked Stewart if his chance to host one day was now completely squashed.

The two late night hosts also talked about voting in the upcoming presidential elections and Hurricane Sandy. Watch the rest of the segments below. The entire first segment (after the jump) is devoted to their epic entrance.

Colbert and Stewart talk about their first meeting

Watch the whole segment below: 

Part One

Part Three

Part Four

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