COLLEGE STREET STYLE: Blue accents, overgrown coats and more

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It’s cold/wet out which means the majority of us are wearing super dull and dark colours — my favourite! Yes, this colour scheme can get boring after a while but there are always ways in which you can add a little spunk to a boring yet stylish look. It’s all about finding the right pieces that are unique in some way! And that’s exactly what these college fashionistas did!

Do: Red pants 

Angelina Irinici, 22 — Black, beige and brown is typical for the the fall season and can get a bit boring. So why not add a little colour to your fall wardrobe? Red pants are a must have. This look consists of all the fall favourites this season. The brown combat boots toughen up her red pants and aztec print sweater.

Do: Blue accents 

Caryn Ceolin, 20 — You can’t go wrong with black! It’s the perfect shade because you can add any burst of colour and get away with it. Ceolin’s blue bag and YSL ring really make statements on a gloomy day.

Do: Past the knee dresses

Rebecca Chandler, 21 — Short dresses are always cute but let’s be real — it’s way too cold to be wearing that here in Toronto. So why not opt for a past-the-knee jersey dress? I love how she paired it with a pullover sweater and beige booties. It’s a perfect way to look stylish yet cozy!

Do: Overgrown coat 

Amani Boyer, 19 – You can wear anything overgrown and it’ll look trendy. This overgrown jacket with the tribal print on the inside is the perfect combination of not-too-much, not-too-little! It adds that wow factor to a simple jacket.

Do: The trench 

Elayne Millar, 21 —  Trench coats will never go out of style! And pairing it with rain boots and a hat is definitely the way to go!

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