This is how people used to party: 1997 rave edition

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After watching this video I realized it’s a good thing the aliens didn’t visit our planet in 1997. Although I was distracted by the ridiculous outfits and undercuts, the real star of the show is obviously ecstasy. When you see the tweaked out “Hunchback of Coney Island” you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I can only imagine how different these people remember the party but as an outsider that never lived through the era I can say it’s rather depressing. However, if you look at a lot of the major EDM festivals today, you’ll notice some core similarities. Even 15 years later, people still have a case of the rave face. Although, to our current generations credit, we do appear to be a highly evolved version of the original 1997 ravers.

1997 Rave Party


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One response to “This is how people used to party: 1997 rave edition”

  1. AnonymousAutonomy says:

    It’s simply the film/editing technology that makes today’s ravers look better than 1997’s. We’re all the same sweaty beasts.

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