Overly Attached Joker harasses Laina fan

Posted on November 1, 2012 by

I thought the Overly Attached girlfriend played by Justin Bieber-obsessed Laina was the creepiest thing I’d seen, but the Overly Attached Joker just bumped it up a few levels. Batman’s joker found a fan of Laina’s dressed up as the YouTube sensation and harassed him, trying to figure out where to find her.

The Joker tied the dude to a chair and videotaped the interrogation. The Joker is so obsessed with Laina he has a shrine dedicated to her, complete with a life size cardboard cutout and a photo montage. He joked Laina must turn herself in and every day she doesn’t a fan will die.

His impression of The Joker is pretty spot on and you probably won’t sleep tonight, especially if you’re a Laina fan. [via Reddit]

Watch it here

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