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Five X-Factor performances you need to see: Jennel Garcia, Emblem3, Diamond White

Posted on November 1, 2012 by

By Jessica Galang and Brittany Mahaney

Khloe Kardashian made her prime time hosting debut last night along with Mario Lopez and the Twitter community was pretty impressed. Every performer put their own personal spin on popular songs which made for a lively Halloween show.

Jessica’s choices

“Hey Soul Sister” Diamond White 

Diamond put a fun and playful hip-hop spin on a song that’s fairly mellow and simple. Her performance was upbeat, and despite the high-energy of the dancers and stage, her voice didn’t waver and she was solid the whole way through. You could tell Britney Spears was her judge considering the high production value.

“Won’t Give Up On Us” — Beatrice Miller

Her stage setup, which included a dark background lit by comets and stars, contributed to the haunting ambience of the song. She used the “fragility in her voice,” as her mentor Britney called it, to her advantage and allowed the audience to feel the pain in the song. LA said the key to stardom is “believability, and I believe in you, I love you!”

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — 1432

With the new name change seemed to come a new set of confident, sassy girls. None of them seemed high-maintenance or tried to be showy, but they all just had fun with the song the way any girl would when she’s just dancing like no one’s watching. “You are fantastic,” Simon said simply. “The public are gonna love this group.”

Brittany’s choices

“One Day” — Emblem3

Their mentor Simon Cowell was worried they’d be swept up by the glitziness of their new digs and forget to rehearse. But if rehearsing means practising how to be EVERY teen girl’s fantasy, I think they rehearsed the entire week. Even LA Reid, who was bitchy the whole night, had to admit he was scared of this act stealing the show. Demi couldn’t even look them in the eye after. They definitely did Matisyahu’s song justice.

“Home Sweet Home” — Jennel Garcia

Demi Lovato gave everyone on her team a makeover (damn, did you see CeCe’s hair?) and she turned Jennel into a doppelganger of herself. That’s my only complaint. I miss that sexy, soulful vibe Jennel projected at boot camp — she turned out more of a rocker this week. Still, her rendition of this classic Motley Crue song was definitely one of my faves.

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