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Chris Brown tweets photo of his culturally insensitive Halloween costume

Posted on November 1, 2012 by

Here in the office, we got tired of Chris Brown’s shenanigans looong ago. Not only because he’s just a complete dunscap, but because he’s basically trolling the world at this point. After his many questionable decisions — getting a tattoo of a beaten woman on his neck, loving two women at the same time and feuding with his ex, Rihanna — I’m starting to think he’s just doing all this sh*t to get attention.

His latest stunt? This Halloween he dressed up as a member of the Taliban. He posed for a photo with his friends and tweeted: “Ain’t nobody Fucking wit my clique!!!!”, a reference to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song “Clique.” Yikes! He was dressed up to go to Rihanna’s party in West Hollywood.

What do you think? Does Chris Brown just need to go away?

Watch it here:

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