10 best photos of the week: N*Sync reunion, Halloween pranks, and Hurricane Sandy

Posted on October 31, 2012 by

1. Mirror mirror…


Sleep tight everyone!

2. Somewhere over the rainbow

Hy Chalme snapped this pretty picture of New York City after the monstrous Hurricane Sandy came through. I wonder if Dorothy approves?

3. An ordinary day at the office?

Someone came to work and found that their cubicle had been transformed into the cabin from The Cabin in the Woods. I don’t think I’d be able to last the whole day in that thing.

4. The failed escape

Just look at his face. It says I know I’m in trouble, but please love me anyway. I’m also pretty impressed by the fact that he could write a note. My dogs can’t do that.

5. Star Wars meme of the day

This slight jab at the recent Disney-Star Wars development isn’t so inaccurate. Maybe Princess Leia will redefine those unrealistic hair expectations other Disney gals give us (buns ftw!)

6. N*Sync reunion. Kind of.

There’s my inner fangirl emerging again. One look at Lance Bass in a clown costume and I’m sold. The members of N*Sync hung out at a Halloween party this weekend. There’s just a sliiight problem. Glee actor Matthew Morrison is totally photobombing this epic reunion! Although he does resemble Justin Timberlake.

7. Milky no way.

A recent photo of the milky way shows its 84 billion sparkling stars. This makes me feel all contemplative and intellectual.

8. Haters gonna hate.

Apparently this dude didn’t feel the need to stay indoors in the midst of Hurricane Sandy. However, I do appreciate his dedication to fashion.

9. Most creative costume award goes to…

Josh Sundquist is a paralympic skier by day and an epic lamp costume by night — a night that he lights up with his charm.

10. ALL the burritos!

I’m sold. I’ve never had a burrito before, but after seeing this, I know I’d be enticed to try one out. Creativity always wins.

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