Weird News : ghost robberies, kids scarred for life from paranormal activity 4, moose trashes cop cruiser, man eats own finger,NYC officer wants to cook and eat women

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I never thought I would hear about a robbery at a Subway Restaurant, yet alone a robber dressed as a ghost. In Braidwood, Ill., a man dressed as a ghost, demanded a female sandwich artist open the register. Her coworker came to the rescue and threw soup on the poltergeist.

He then left Subway without any cash, only his soup-stained pride.

Maybe next time try dressing up like the Terminator or something a little more intimidating, LOL


Children Scarred for Life

Some children were scarred for life Nottingham after families going to see what they thought was Madagascar 3, but accidentally saw Paranormal Activity 4.

Even I haven’t seen that movie, just so scary. Apparently it opens with a really creepy scene where a ghost flies toward the screen. Needless to say, all the children ran out of the theatre, families in tow.

I can’t stop laughing about this. I am a terrible person LOL.


Moose in headlights?

As if seeing a deer on the road isn’t scary enough, how about a moose. An RCMP officer was in his cruiser in British Columbia, when a moose climbed onto the car.

The moose just picked a fight with the cruiser for no reason. It kicked the bumper, windshield and broke a window.

The officer was fine, the report didn’t say he sh*t his pants, but he probably did. I would’ve.


Drugs are bad mmkay?

If Mr. Mackey from South Park, can’t convince you drugs are bad, this story might. A New Jersey man, high on PCP, decided he would try and steal a car, naked. He failed, and was taken to jail. In jail, he bit off his own finger and swallowed it.

I think that needs to be repeated. In jail, he bit off his own finger and swallowed it.

He must’ve been really hungry. Drugs are bad mmkay?


 Real life wanna-be-cannibal

There’s a new case developing in NYC where an officer has been accused of compiling a list of women he wanted to kidnap, cook, and eat.

Did I mention he is an officer? Why would you ever wanna do that? Yet alone, make a list?

Apparently he had a lot of women on the lists, some he even followed at their homes and workplaces.

It’s official, I’m never sleeping again.

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