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Tumblr Tuesday Halloween Edition: Pumpkins, costumes, parties and more

Posted on October 30, 2012 by

Not so scary decorations 

Not all decorations have to be spooky spider webs or hanging skeletons. Spark things up a bit with these colourful (and glittery) pumpkin lights. You can totally hang them around your dorm and watch some horror films with your roommates. [lesliehay]

Epic music videos 

Michael Jackson has one of the best Halloween-inspired music videos EVER in “Thriller.” The 13-minute video is full of zombies, werewolves, and a full moon. Need I say more? At least you’ll enjoy some great music and dance moves while watching! Oh and who could forget “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” where they end up at a haunted house after their bus breaks down. Classics. [threatened]

Hitting up the pubs tomorrow night?

Even though the majority of Halloween parties took place this weekend, I’m sure you’ll still want to go out tomorrow night after a long day of school. Just BEWARE if you have any 8 a.m. classes the next morning, you might want to set your alarm! [daay-dreaam]

Mean Girls reference is a must

Once you hit your teen years, there’s a zero percent chance that you want your parents to go Halloween shopping with you. Technically you can throw on a pair of ears (bunny, mouse, cat, devil, etc.), a tight dress and ta-da, you’re now an animal. Best of all, it’s socially acceptable. [whatshouldbetchescallme]

Hands down, best cookies ever (and super easy to make)

Any holiday that’s coming up, I’m always sure to get my hands on a box of these pre-cut cookies. You can’t have just one. Plus you can dip them in milk. You can’t do that with chocolate can you? [n3scau]

Please tell me you remember these

Nowadays most kids leave the house with a pillow case, mostly because they’re extra large and durable. Realistically, what can you even fit in that little tub that was once given out with Happy Meals at McDonalds? Once your neighbours handed out a couple bag of chips to you, you’d be out of room. [itsamandamarie]

DIY Halloween nails

Almost every Tumblr Tuesday I try to include DIY nails because not only are they super easy to do, but you’re saving money while customizing your own look. [eemmiee]

Scare your friends…and get it on video

Ellen DeGeneres is known for scaring her guests, whether it’s backstage or by having her co-workers dress up in costumes and creep behind her guests during an interview. The best thing about it all is that the whole thing is caught on camera. Major LOLs and don’t worry, your friends will eventually forgive you. [fortheloveofportia]

Tumblr-inspired pumpkin

Obviously you can take the easy route out and Google pumpkin stencils, but why do that when you can incorporate Tumblr into your festivities? Like, follow and re-blog your way to your doorstep. [daybomb]

Not into costumes?

Too cool, old or not into the whole dressing up aspect on October 31st? Break out your inner fashionista and rock a skull print sweater. [g-enerous]

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