Zombie drive-thru prankster just wants to order brains

Posted on October 29, 2012 by

If you’re growing tired of the old toilet roll and egging pranks (which BTW you should NEVER do, because come on, they’re pretty lame and unoriginal) follow prankster¬†¬†lead with the zombie drive-thru prank.

Bassmaster donned white paint and blood one evening and hit up all the local drive-thrus to order brains and make random grunting noises. He pretty much scared everyone, especially one chick at the end who will be endlessly taunted by her fellow drive-thru employees.

This is the same dude who strutted through NYC with a fake hand rat. This one turned out even better, except for the one girl who seemed to think he was legitimately ordering brains.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Watch it here

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