Hurricane Horseman trolls morning news

Posted on October 29, 2012 by

There are two types of people who brave dangerous hurricanes. The first type hole themselves up at home with their spouses, friends and kids to stay safe. The second type throw their hands in their air and say: “I’m just gonna treat this hurricane¬†gust of wind with a sense of humor.” Take for instance, this dude who donned a horse head and went for a topless morning jog in the FREEZING COLD.

Dude was clearly trying to get on camera and luckily for him, he¬†succeeded. The Hurricane Horseman made an appearance on NBC Washington’s News 4 with Megan McGrath. Go prosper Hurricane Horseman. We salute you.

Watch it here

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One response to “Hurricane Horseman trolls morning news”

  1. Beccy says:

    That’s my neighborhood. whooo!

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