Hurricane Sandy according to the internet

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Let the memes begin. Hurricane Sandy is already creating a “viral” stir that is taking over news feeds everywhere. It is a very serious storm that could cause upwards of 10 billion dollars in damage but that’s already being overshadowed by funny GIFs and parody twitter accounts. As we all know the Internet can be a dangerous place to find information. There’s countless satirists and trolls preying on the naive souls who will believe anything they read online. Luckily, if you’re aware that 90 percent of trending topics are bullish*t, then you’ll find them much more entertaining. Thus, we’ve handpicked some of the most ridiculous and not-so-important content appearing about Hurricane Sandy.

New Twitter feed you should follow

There are so many reasons to not work today — just choose one

Hurricane hangover cure

Hurricane Horseman made or day

Cats react to the hurricane

Beer is flying off the shelves

Watch Hurricane Sandy Supplies Disappear Before Your Eyes

Hurricane Sandy versus Irene


The still shot 

Necessary reading

Funniest tweets 


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