What happened to rap?

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Rapper Eric D’Alessandro created a new track dedicated to untalented, mainstream rap artists who sacrifice purposeful, thoughtful lyrics for all the “extras” that go along with the business. Now we have “wack ass gangstas” faking it and getting rich by promoting a flashy lifestyle. According to D’Alessandro their fans listen to their music so they can live vicariously through them — plus, that’s what the cool kids do.

He calls out a few rappers specifically: “…since 2 Chainz/ You don’t gotta say shit just yell out “Tru!!”/ Or you could be like Rick Ross/ Say just “ugh!” and that you’re the boss.”

D’Alessandro’s rap is pretty witty, though he doesn’t acknowledge that bad music isn’t exclusive to today’s generation — there have always been bad music acts in every genre. Also, there are tons of rap artists who put a lot of thought into their work, even if you have to look underground.

All in all, he makes a valid point. He also proves that while not every rapper puts thought into their music, he certainly does.

Watch it here:

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