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Eight signs you’ve reached fangirl status, courtesy of a 90s fangirl

Posted on October 26, 2012 by

By Gabriella Zicarelli

When I was in second grade the video for “Quit Playin’ Games” by The Backstreet Boys was released, marking the precise moment when my fangirl days started. Now when I see the new generation of fangirls and fanboys, I can’t help but feel nostalgic, recalling fond memories of buying magazines whenever my favourite group was on the cover, collecting clippings of EVERY photo and interview, sending fan mail to the addresses listed and waiting for that autographed poster that never came (I’m looking at you BSB). And yes, I had to deal with the ridicule from those who just didn’t get it.

How do you know when you’ve crossed onto fangirl territory? Here are the top five signs, from a tried and true fangirl:

1. Your bedroom wall is a shrine

You’ve collected every over-sized poster from magazines, turning your bedroom walls from paint to One Direction wallpaper. Your parents admitted they almost feel uncomfortable in your room when Harry’s looking at you like that. Yes, my parents did actually tell me something similar…

2. You know every lyric and will sing their songs anywhere

You get excited everytime you hear your tune playing, regardless of where you are at any moment. For example, if your in the vegetable aisle at the grocery store and 1D’s “One Thing” starts playing, you immediately start singing and dancing. Not lying, this tends to still happen to me whenever I hear “Backstreet’s Back.”

3. You shed a lot of tears for them

You start a concert all like: “Yeah I’m cool and collected,” until they finally hit the stage and you begin hysterically sobbing and screaming, stating “I’m just so happy!” whilst wiping tears.

4. You sleep with them

You have all their merch, including but not limited to bedspreads, dolls, photo albums, jewelry and T-shirts

5. You created choreography 

6. The meet and greet is an out of body experience. 

7. You’ve created fan art or fic lit

But the fic lit is NOT about Larry Stylinson.

8. There will always be haters. So no matter where you are, if you hear anyone bad mouthing your boys in any way you’re all like…

If you exhibit any of these signs then CONGRATS! you’ve reached fangirldom. Now you can try denying it by attempting to listen to different music and telling people “boybands, please they’re dumb.” But since that probably won’t work, you could just embrace it and have fun. Go ahead, sing along to that catchy tune about “what makes you beautiful,” or five guys who are “glad you came” (that is in no way a dirty reference). If anyone asks “Do you like boybands or something?” proudly respond: “Why yes, yes I do.” 

– with files from @britt_mahaney

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