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Find out who died on PLL’s Halloween special

Posted on October 24, 2012 by

All aboard the creepy A- train! This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars took us on a frightful ride and just in case you missed it, I’m here to recount every juicy detail.

1. Adam Lambert Guest Stars — This was the best surprise out of all the surprises in last night’s episode. Adam Lambert was the guest performer for this high school’s train party. This makes total sense, of course, because every singer dreams about singing at a local high school party; still, it was a pleasant surprise compared to the more morbid ones we got.

2. Byron talked to Ali the night of her death? – So in a strange turn of events Garrett decided to help Spencer and the girls by recounting the events that happened the night Ali was murdered. Garrett told Spencer that he, Melissa, Jenna and Ian were up in Alison’s bedroom the night of her murder. He and Jenna left her room in order to let Ian and Melissa talk. Once outside, Garrett ran into Ali, who naturally started mocking Jenna. The argument got so heated that Jenna told Garrett to hurt Alison with a hockey stick. After, some lies told by Alison, Jenna thinks Garrett killed her. What Jenna doesn’t know is that later, Garrett returned to the backyard and saw Alison talking with Aria’s father, Byron. Wait so does that mean Byron killed Alison or was Alison just another underage hottie that Byron hooked up with? I knew Bryon was a sleezeball.

3. Garrett is dead — After spilling so much info to Spencer, it made sense that the A team would go after him next. They’ve has gotten really good at getting rid of every source of information the girls have. Poor Garrett! As much as I hated him he didn’t deserve to die this way. At least he finally cleared his name.

4. Aria was kidnapped – So while all these confessions are happening Aria gets drugged, kidnapped and put into a crate with Garrets body. Talk about creepy and of course while this is happening Spencer, Toby, and Hanna all deal with their own mini dramas. I guess things really do happen in threes.

5. Ali’s body is found? — Only during PLL would a fight between two males not be the climax of the story. Of course they would add in a dead body on top of it. While on a fast moving train Toby and Noel get into a fight and as the men crash into an ice bucket; we soon see it wasn’t only holding drinks it was also holding Ali’s body! Um talk about shocker but if we located Ali’s body then who’s hand was coming out of the ground at the end of the episode? Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

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