Most inaccurate student life video ever?

Posted on October 24, 2012 by

A glimpse into 24 hours of a Plymouth University science and technology student might be wishful thinking on the part of this marketing team. In a new video spot, they follow two students through their day, from 6:30 am when they wake up (YEAH RIGHT) to their bedtime, just before midnight.

On top of their classes they manage to fit in some exercise, drinks with friends and even surfing. What I remember from university is some students studying Facebooking in their pyjamas after class, cramming in their essay a couple nights before it was due and celebrating with a kegger.

The viral ad is getting tons of criticism online from real students who don’t feel well represented in the video. To be honest, I’m not completely offended by the ad but I can see how it’s representing a parent’s dream. What is/was your university experience like?

Watch it here:

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