How to grow a moustache like Nick Offerman

Posted on October 24, 2012 by

November Movember is around the corner which means you’d better enjoy clean-shaven men while you can. Before you know it, all the men in your life will be attempting to grow scraggly porno moustaches, bringing out their grooming comb in the most inappropriate places. It’s all about raising awareness for prostate cancer, of course, so it’s okay. But there are still a few general rules.

In that vain, Nick Offerman — master ‘stache grower — would like to offer  you a few helpful tips, so you don’t hurt anyone this year.

1. Send a regular handwritten letter.

2. Use a hammer and nail for contouring.

3.  Imprison an insect and set it free.

4. Smell Wood

5. Eat an onion

Check out all his tips below

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