Will Ferrell’s beer commercial with dubstep airs only in Sweden

Posted on October 23, 2012 by

Will Ferrell has an awesomely confusing beer commercial with dubstep music but it’s airing only on Sweden’s TV3. In the commercial, a visibly tanned and curly-haired Ferrell opens an Old Milwaukee beer can and joyously shakes it around on the sidewalk. He finishes by giving himself a high five and doing a couple fist pumps by his hip.

The whole thing seems like a personal joke for Ferrell, considering the brand of beer isn’t even available in Sweden. This ad is one of several promoting ┬áthat appeared on YouTube over the last three weeks.

The marketing campaign is kind of brilliant. As the Internet catches on to the randomness of promoting a beer on TV for an audience halfway around the world, the ads are going viral.

Watch it here:

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