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Fergie opens up about her crystal meth addiction

Posted on October 23, 2012 by

You wouldn’t tell from looking at Fergie now, but in 2001 she was broke and addicted to crystal meth.  “I got into a scene,” she says in a clip from Oprah’s Next Chapter. “I started going out and taking ecstasy. From ecstasy it went to crystal meth. With any drugs, everything is great at the beginning, and then slowly your life starts to spiral down.”

She hit rock bottom after her girl group Wild Orchid was dropped from their record label and was living in an alternate reality. One day, she hid in a church because she was convinced the FBI was following her. There, she made a deal with herself: if she went outside and there was no major conspiracy afoot, she knew it was the effect of the drugs. When she bucked up the courage to go outside and realized it was all paranoia, she followed through on her promise. She started therapy, did a lot of soul searching and quit after a year of drug abuse.

Her journey makes her rise to multiplatinum recording artist with the Black Eyed Peas even more inspiring. We haven’t seen her for a little while because she’s been taking a break to have kids with hubby Josh Duhamel, but you’ll be able to see her on Oct. 28, at 10 pm on OWN’s Oprah Next Chapter. 

Watch a clip here:

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