Cute kids perform Madonna’s “Material Girl”

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In grade one, my most challenging assignment was to create a string necklace out of 100 Cheerios, to celebrate our 100th day in class. The amount of precision and numerical skills necessary was astounding. And while I did get a cool necklace at the end of the day, I still think I would have preferred learning an 80s pop culture hit.

We’ve already established that Mr. Avina is the COOLEST teacher ever. Months ago we found a video in which his class performs Madonna’s “Vogue,” complete with choreography. This round, his class learned another one of her hits, “Material Girl.”

The song is a part of a play called “The Lonely Prince,” performed by the LAUSD’s Olympic Primary Center class. The play is being performed as a final project for their language arts unit on friendship.

In this scene, maids and butlers bring the prince a bunch of toys, but no matter what they bring, he remains bored and unhappy. It’s not until much later, when he finds a friend, that he understands material objects will not bring him happiness.

The full play, featuring other musical numbers, will debut on YouTube on Nov. 2, 2012. [@artavina]

Watch it here:

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