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In andPOP’s new column “Schooled” Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Kendrick Lamar, a hip-hop artist from Compton, California.

Take a pause from singing along to Taylor Swift’s newest ex-boyfriend song, and give a listen to the lyrical stylings of Kendrick Lamar. His debut album good kid m.A.A.d city, which just came out yesterday, is the story of Lamar and his hometown. In it, he discusses to excellent beats, the challenges a smart teen faces growing up in a negative environment. If that doesn’t make you want to listen to a couple of his tracks, then you’re a lost cause.

Origins: Compton, California

Full name: Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

Known for: Kendrick Lamar is known for his poetic, intelligent lyrics.

Used in a sentence: Mr. Lamar’s type of hip-hop sounds grown up and delicious.

File next to: Tupac, Nas

Download now: “Poetic Justice”

Five fun facts:

1. He used to go by the name K-Dot, but dropped it after the release of his mixtape C4.

2. He is a member of the hip-hop group, Black Hippy.

3. Lamar has been on tour with Game.

4. His new album features a track with Lady Gaga.

5. He was crowned “New King of the West Coast” by Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), Dr. Dre and Game.


2003 Lamar released his first mixtape, Youngest Head Nigga In Charge, at the age of 16. This gained him a record deal with LA-based independent record label Top Dawg Entertainment.

2005 He released a 26-track mixtape titled Training Day.

2009 Lamar released his third mixtape, C4. That same year he released his first self-titled EP.

2010 He released Overly Dedicated, the critically-acclaimed mixtape that led to Lamar working with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on Dre’s album, Detox.

2011 was the year of the independent album Section.80.

2012 Lamar released his first studio album, good kid m.A.A.d city, yesterday.

Notable lyrics:

Poetic Justice, Poetic Lyrics.

I recognize your fragrance (hol’ up!)/You ain’t never gotta say shit (woo!)/And I know your taste is/A little bit (mmm) high maintenance (ooh)/Everybody else basic/You live life on an everyday basis/With poetic justice, poetic justice/If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?/I mean write poems in these songs dedicated to you/And you’re in the mood for empathy, there’s blood in my pen/Better yet when your friends and them/I really wanna know you all

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