10 DIY Halloween costumes: Mad Hatter, Taylor Swift, Corpse Bride and more

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By Jade Mackey

A trip to your local party market store will prove that 80 percent of the female costumes this year are “sexy” costumes. That’s all find and good but if you’re just not feeling saucy this year there are tons of other DIY alternatives.

You have roughly a week, so get cracking with these ten suggestions!

Black Swan

Halloween costume experts , teach you how to make a beautiful Black Swan ballerina costume. It’s actually really simple to do and you don’t need a lot of supplies. T

Perfect for any girl who is trying to look elegant and mysterious for Halloween and who knows? Maybe you could even use it as a future dance costume.

Mad Hatter

Beauty expert, Beth (), teaches you how to put together a girly version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland with makeup and everything. She even shows you how to make the hat out of a cardboard box instead of having to go out and buy one.

Perfect for any literature geeks out there who are going to a Halloween party with friends.

Taylor Swift

Beauty expert, Meredith ( ), shows you how to look exactly like Taylor Swift in her “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” music video. This tutorial mostly focuses on Taylor’s makeup but Meredith also shows you where to get a blonde wig and all of Taylor’s outfits from the video!

Perfect for all of Taylor’s Swifties who want a cute costume for Halloween and maybe even a slumber party!

Pop Art

Halloween makeup expert, Bethany (), teaches you how to look like Pop Art. This tutorial only requires makeup and maybe a little patience. This is definitely the most unique costume that I’ve seen so far and is perfect for any humanities nerds going to a Halloween party.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Style guru, Anne (), teach you how to make your own replica of Lady Gaga’s infamous Meat Dress. And don’t worry, actual meat isn’t required to make this costume.

Perfect for any of Lady Gaga’s little monsters out there who are thinking of going to big parties in the city on Halloween night.

Minnie Mouse

Beth, who taught us how to be a girly Mad Hatter (above), also teaches you how to be an insanely cute Minnie Mouse! Along with the costume, Beth teaches you how to do Minnie’s makeup. Then after showing us her costume and makeup, she shows you how to make an additional tutu to add to your costume.

Perfect for any girl who is thinking about attending a sorority party on Halloween.


Halloween makeup expert, Elizabeth (), shows you how to be an incredibly convincing and blood-curdling zombie. All you need is a couple of supplies and your face.

Perfect for people looking to scare crap out of their friends this Halloween.

Corpse Bride

Beauty guru, Promise (), shows you how to become Tim Burton character Emily — the corpse bride, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s amazing how much you can actually bring cartoons to life with makeup and a wig. In just a couple of minutes, you can look like you just jumped out of a television screen.

Perfect for any girl looking for their groom on Halloween night.

Creepy Doll

Bethany, who taught us how to look like a drawing (above), also teaches us how to look like an incredibly scary and creepy-looking doll. This look may take a lot of time but it is so worth it.

Perfect for people looking to scare some innocent little trick or treaters.


Beauty expert, Hanhie (), shows us how to look exactly like Pocahontas. This is a really quick and easy costume to put together. But it’s also really really cute.

Perfect for anyone who needs a last minute costume with little materials.

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