Weird News: Klingon wedding, girl mistaken for skunk, Samurai vigilante, Airport toilets makes 53 fall ill

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Star Trek fans get married in true Klingon style. Re-enacted from an episode from ‘Deep Space Nine,’Jossie Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson tied the knot at “Destination Star Trek,” in London this weekend. I won’t go into detail, I’ll let the video speak for itself. How do I say ‘best wishes’ in Klingon? ..


9-year-old girl shot after she’s mistaken for a skunk


A 9-year-old girl was shot after being mistaken for a skunk at her family halloween party, in Pennsylvania. Her relative saw her outside and grabbed his shotgun, shooting her in the back, shoulder, arm and neck. The shooter hadn’t been drinking, but if I were them, I would’ve lied. This is pretty brutal to mistake a girl for a real skunk. How big are skunks in Pennsylvania? jeeeeez.


Man with Samurai sword breaks up fight in Phoenix


There are so many questions I have for this story. This man witnesses a fight on a light rail train in Phoenix, and just busts out his Samurai NBG! He saves one guy from being beaten to death, and the two guys walk off the train.

First Question, Why do you have a samurai sword on your person on a train?

Second, if it is for a sword training class, what are you training for? Random events such as this? I could go on… I won’t.

I hope that guy thanked him.

M*ther F*cking Snakes on a M*ther F*cking SUV?


A man who was in Englewood for a reptile convention, had his Suburban stolen from a Walmart parking lot. Only thing is, there was a couple turtles, snakes, including a 13-foot long python, tarantula’s and scorpions inside the SUV. Robbery fail at it’s finest perhaps?


53 People sick at Berlin airport due to sh*tty situation


53 people fell ill at a Berlin airport after going into the airport washrooms. I wish it was a really nasty story, like there was an overflow of poop, but no. It looks like washroom cleaners used WAY to much ammonia to clean. People were going in, and breathing in the ammonia, getting sick and sore eyes. Hey, at least you know your toilet was clean.

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