Elevator floor prank is so real it’s scary

Posted on October 22, 2012 by

LG decided to prank people riding an elevator by installing IPS monitors with lifelike colours into the floor and playing footage of the floors caving in. The elevator passengers understandably flip out when they see the tiling fall beneath their feet, not realizing it’s a prank.

I thought the whole thing was pretty brilliant at first but then I realized that like many things in life, the prank was sadly FAKE. You can see the green screen at 1:26 plus there’s a whole bunch of funky camera angles.

Admittedly though, if it was that easy for random guys to install LG screens in elevators, I’m sure it’d be a sweet idea for a prank.

Watch it here:

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One response to “Elevator floor prank is so real it’s scary”

  1. Muffy says:

    I’m waiting for the lawsuits from people with medical conditions that may have been exacerbated by this juvenile prank. The company should at least be charged with pulbic mischief.

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