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10 of the best/worst death scenes to watch this Halloween

Posted on October 22, 2012 by

By Jake Lucas

Sometimes cheesy death scenes turn horror movies into comedies…  Here are ten of the most poorly acted, unbelievable and overall shoddy death scenes to watch this Halloween.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Throw caution to the wind as a seaside game turns nasty with a show of death Frisbee. Anyone who carries three Frisbees on-board has to be a badass.

Shark Attack 3

Half the characters become meals to a customer who has a big appetite. I believe I’ve seen more genuine attacks in low budget student films.

Jersey Shore Shark Attack

This compilation of death scenes from Jersey Shore Shark Attack presents several ways the MTV reality show could be improved.

Night Terror

I don’t think I’ll be able to cuddle a teddy bear again after this tragic death scene, due to the WORST transition from fluffy teddy to cold hearted killer.


1981’s Scanners includes one of the first reputable head explosion clips ever made, giving you an idea of how much cinema has improved over the years!

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

There’s no singing in the rain after this scandal. I’m not sure what’s funnier — death by umbrella or the look on the executioner’s face.

The Mutilator

No doubt this man has been mutilated —it ends with 13 seconds of a dreadful spasm.

Deadly Friend

I don’t even think Michael Jordan would be able to match this basketball slam-dunk which ends with a headless carcass.

Kareteci K?z

This prolonged death is a hilarious recent viral hit from a 1973 Turkish film. Its a great example on how to make a lousy gun shot scene funny.

Night of The Lepus

A herd of gigantic rabbits was never going to be lethal but with this mish mash of bad effects it’s even less intimidating.

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