Taylor Swift buys a mansion to be near the Kennedys

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Let’s hope Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift are long term.  Because despite reports that Swift didn’t really buy a mansion near the Kennedys,  TMZ is reporting otherwise.

According to the site, the singer has spent $4.5 million on a mansion  right across the street from Ethel Kennedy, Conor’s grandmother.  The crib is said to include seven bedrooms, six baths, its own private beach and an acre of land.

While this may all seem very frivolous, the singer has already gotten approval from everyone in the Kennedy clan.

Conor’s uncle, Patrick Kennedy previously said,“We love Taylor Swift … she’s been a great friend and we’re happy for Conor. If she wants to be in the family, she’s already a part of it.”

Also adding to the praise was Ethel. “I’m happy that we’ll be neighbors. I’m thrilled,” she said.

“She is just spectacular. She is just sensational … she’s very kind. You know what she really is? She’s game. She had never sailed before, she sailed. She had never gone dragging before, she dragged … she played everything that everyone else was doing [with] no fuss.”

Well, if this is really the case…let’s hope things go super well.

But even if it doesn’t, Swift could always write a song called, “I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO MOVE FOR YOU AGAIN” and make us guess who it’s about.

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