College street style: Outerwear edition

Posted on October 19, 2012 by

As the weather cools down, the layers pile on. From combat jackets to fall coats, the streets of Toronto are flooded with cozy fall faves. Our fashion columnist, Sabina Sohail, scoured her college campus in search of the most stylish jackets. 

Do: Combat jacket

Cassandra Juradinho, 22 — Once again, the combat jacket does not disappoint. It pretty much goes with everything — even a pink chiffon top. Pairing it with the briefcase bag is almost too perfect.

Do: A pop of colour

Maria Siassina, 20 — As much as we love the dull colours of fall, it’s nice to see a little bit of colour every now and then! The blue and purple stripes on her blazer really help enhance this black-and-white ensemble.

Do: Vest-hoodie

Jeyan Jeganathan, 21 — Vests may be too formal for school (like that’s stopping anyone) but a vest-hoodie adds the “cool” element to your look.

Do: Vampy shades 

Ena Goquiolay, 21  — Dark-vampy colours — both in makeup and clothing — are the shades of the season. They’re easy to match and always look chic. Doesn’t she look comfy?

DO: Layer

Christina Dun, 20 — Who would’ve thought pairing a combat jacket with a denim coat would look so stylish? Almost everyone has a combat jacket these days but styling it in this manor really caught my eye. Adding layers is ideal for fall in case it’s colder in the morning and heats up in the afternoon.

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