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Let’s all help Hailey meet Justin Bieber

Posted on October 17, 2012 by

Mission of the day: Get Justin Bieber to visit a fan named Hailey Roser. The four-year-old was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and all she asks is to meet her favourite singer. To help her out, students and teachers from Holmen High School filmed a touching music video message to the singer, inviting him to visit her in Wisconsin.

The students share their message by holding up inspiring signs for Hailey in different parts of the school such as “be a Fighter” and “you are beautiful.” Hailey also makes a cameo in the end, with her swag Justin Bieber T-shirt, telling the popstar that she loves him and wants to meet him.

We have to make this happen people!!

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One response to “Let’s all help Hailey meet Justin Bieber”

  1. RIP AVALANNA says:

    I absolutly love this.

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