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Tumblr Tuesday: Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, chocolate and more

Posted on October 16, 2012 by

 Water park + Justin Bieber = Best music video ever?

After watching Justin Bieber’s new music video for “Beauty And A Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj, I couldn’t help but watch it over and over again! Seems like it payed off because yesterday VEVO tweeted: “24hr Record shattered w/ 10.6M VIEWS! No wonder @justinbieber is the biggest artist in the world!” [fuckyesjustinbieber]

Pimp-My-Laptop Computer

My laptop is pretty much like my child. I use it on a daily basis and with that being said, I want to glitz it up with coloured keys. Has anyone else tried it? [italianluxury]

The boys are back on a whole new level 

The Wanted released their new action packed video for “I Found You” and things get a little steamy for Nathan Sykes. The youngest member of the band, often refereed to as “Baby Nath” isn’t much of a baby anymore..and we like it. [madefornath]

But I can’t have just one…

Eekkk, Halloween is two weeks away, but you’ll definitely be seeing all kinds of chocolate, candy and decorations on the shelves. Just remember to buy an extra box and keep a hidden stash for all your cravings. [fallinlovewiththeseasons]

Do you approve? 

Zayn Malik told Fabulous Mag, “At the moment I’m probably on about eight or nine cigs a day, which I tell myself isn’t too many. I just don’t want it to affect my health.”  [niallersangel]

That awkward moment when…

I’m 99.9% sure you’ve wanted to reply this way to someone in the past. [r-eckl3ss]

Celebs stalk each other on Instagram too

John Stamos is damn funny! If you were never a fan of Full House, I feel bad for you. But he does have a point there — that line was pretty much Uncle Jesse’s trademark. [deathcabjenny]

Next stop _________?

If you could just get up and buy a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do? [ninetailes]

This is pretty accurate

It speaks for itself. [a-million-times-over]

Early morning multi-tasking  

Why didn’t I think of this when I was younger? When the game gets too good and you’re trying to beat the level, no need to press pause, and grab a spoon. [yeahthathappened]

Is there anyone more lyrically brilliant than Ed?

Make sure to check out our new interview with Ed Sheeran! [holmschapl]

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