Meet The X-Factor’s bold and confident CeCe Frey

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Over the next two days ANDPOP will be rolling out Q&As with some of our fave contestants on The X-Factor. Yesterday, we talked with CeCe Frey, a small town mail clerk who says she wants to sing as badly as she wants to breathe. CeCe is currently in the judges’ homes stage with mentor Demi Lovato, do you think she has what it takes? 

Twenty-year-old CeCe Frey already has a trademark look to inspire her fans. The leopard print she wears on her face and legs is akin to warrior paint, inspiring an alter ego on stage.

Her confident attitude rubbed some viewers the wrong way during her audition in Kansas City, but after talking with mentor Demi Lovato during the judges’ homes phase, she had a change of heart. “When Demi told me I was coming across unlikeable it broke my heart” she said. “I tried to come off as a strong unbreakable person and while that is me in a sense, it was also pushing people away from me.”

CeCe sang Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” during her first audition and the judges were impressed with her star attitude — Demi even admitted she had a girl crush. Whether or not you’re a fan, CeCe has a strong drive and deep connection with her fans, who admire her survivor attitude.

Last song performed LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”

Where are you right now? I’m driving my old beat up pickup through my hometown. It’s nice to see my family and the leaves are changing colour here. It’s beautiful!

Describe a normal day before The X-Factor I got up really early and I’d do CrossFit before work. I’d work all day, then I’d go to class at night, at a local college. It was a busy day, but not very exciting.

Where did the leopard print idea come from? I can’t even remember the day I started doing it. I went through different things in my life that really affected my emotional strength — things that really tried to take the dream away from me. I was doing these shows and just said: “You know what? I’m going to paint my face.” When I paint my face or legs it’s like an alter ego that comes out. It’s an empowering thing and I feel like nobody can mess with me.

Do you think you’ve been represented fairly? You definitely see how imperfect I am. I’m not your typical Southern Bell. I’ve gone through things that made me very hard and try to keep people at an arm’s length. I think there are some things that were taken out of context and I think people don’t know how to receive me at first. I’m not here to make friends, I got in it for one specific reason but it doesn’t mean I haven’t made some incredible friendships on the way!

Musical inspiration? I grew up singing Whitney Houston. My mom would sit me in front of the fire and put on her album and say: “learn to sing like her!” I also love singing classic rock and Italian Opera.

Toughest judge I can’t single anyone out. They’re all pretty tough in their own rights!

Fandemonium A bunch of CeCe’s fans are inspired by her leopard warrior print. Check out some of the snaps below:

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3 Responses to “Meet The X-Factor’s bold and confident CeCe Frey”

  1. CeCeFan says:

    you have got mistakes there-CeCe is currently in the boot camp stage -judges homes not bootcamp
    cheetah print -omg is leopard print leopard and cheetah got absolutely different spots

  2. Marc says:

    Win the dam thing Cece and don’t let the judges criticize your vocals. practice and practice and practice and blow them away. you could win this. You are like a dark horse in the competition that will come to life.

  3. Marc says:

    Come back with the animal prints. Never mind what others think. You started a fad and you need to stick to it.

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