Five best comments under The Wanted’s video “I Found You”

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When the parental advisory warning came up for The Wanted’s new music video “I Found You” I thought to myself, come on really? How explicit could it be? Well m’am, there’s violence (lots of it) and definitely some type of criminal activity.

The dapper gents are on their way to find and rescue a blonde looker (or so we think) who was kidnapped by a creepy looking dude. The guys kick and punch their way up to her makeshift prison cell to release her, but not before Baby Nathan steals a steamy kiss. He’s growing up so fast!!

While I originally thought the “you” they were talking about in “‘I Found You” was the kidnapped beauty, I was wrong. All I can say, is there are just enough tough, sexy men in suits being aggressive with their adversaries to draw me in.

Here are the best comments on YouTube:

“*Parental Advisory explicit content* More like: *Warning. This video contains sexy men in suits. We are not responsible fo any ovaries that may explode whilst watching this*” — peridotemma

“bad boys rawwwrrrr : )……… no matter ….ilove U <3 the wanted” — iveth marcela salazar


“Justin biber” — metin330

“Stop comparing TW and 1D. There is a huge difference between the two bands. One Direction: 5 cute little boys The Wanted: 5 sexy men You’re welcome! : )” — africanbeautyqueen89

“omg I died I died. They are so hot omg omg and Jay’s hair and Nathans’s voice and Siva at all and Tom at the end omg omg omg I died.” — SwagOnMeBiebs

Watch it here:

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