Weird news: Star Wars versus Italian food, quadrillion dollar cell phone bills and more

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Woman Sets Vending machine on fire 

We’ve all been there, put our money into a pop machine and your pop doesn’t come out. Or in this case, no pop and no money returned either. The worst, right?  Well, this woman was so mad when this happened to her, that she decided to set the machine on fire!

I guess simply going into the ‘Piggly Wiggly,’ and asking  employee to get her money back wasn’t an option. Yes, you read that right, the store that the machine was at, is called  ‘Piggly Wiggly,’ it’s a US grocery store chain.

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Dude, Where’s my car? 

A man in Germany got wasted one night in December 2010, and forgot where he had parked his car. After searching where he thought he parked it, he called the police and said it was missing. Two years later it was located just a few kilometers away from where he thought it would’ve been.

I can’t imagine being that drunk to forget where I parked my car. I guess I’m assuming he parked it sober and then drank… Must’ve been some strong beer!

Star Wars or Italian Food?

This is weird, yet so true. Kevin Maher, from thefw.com, decided to do run a little game at the NYC comic con convention. He walked around the convention, asking creatures to tell him if the word he told them was a Star Wars reference or an Italian dish.

Being a Star Wars fan, I never really noticed the closeness the Star Wars universe is to Italian food. This is hilarious. I got almost ever one wrong. Is it just me, or are you suddenly hungry?

Florida Gov. releases sex hotline phone number 

It’s official, all politicians are either crooks or perverts. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, gave out the number for what he thought was a meningitis helpline, during a cabinet meeting last Tuesday. Turns out, the number was actually for a sex hotline. Perfect cure for meningitis.

Once someone realized this was NOT the meningitis numbear, a spokesperson for Scott, released the real one. Good on ya, brah.

Woman cellphone bill about $15 quadrillion dollars! 

We all hate Rogers, Bell and whatever other cellphone company is out there because at one time, this happened to you. We’ve all had that bill we open up, and it’s so ridiculously wrong, and our provider instists it’s correct. Hours and weeks later the problem is solved, and yes, WE WERE RIGHT!

A woman in France received her bill after canceling her service, and it read 11,721,000,000,000,000 euros! Which is $15,000,000,000,000,000 (endless amount of zeros), Canadian! About 15-quadrillion dollars.

She spent hours on the phone, being told that was her bill and there was nothing they could do. Eventually, the problem was resolved and her bill was actually $149. Craziness.


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