TRENDS: Army green jackets with leather sleeves and Varsity jackets

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TREND: Army jackets with leather sleeves

Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

This fall seems to belong to leather: I’m seeing leather shrts, skirts and leggings everywhere! One of my favourite leather trends has to be the army green jacket with the leather sleeves. I’ve always loved the oversized army green jackets because it works as a no-fuss neutral; it just seems to go with everything! The icing on the cake, though, is the leather sleeves. It gives the whole piece a sleeker look and just enough toughness to inspire confidence in any girl.

TREND: Varsity Jacket

Inspiration: Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A more classic way to keep warm this fall is with a varsity jacket. The varsity jacket has lasted all these years as it keeps you looking cool without having to go the grunge route. You can easily pair up this jacket with a simple t-shirt/jeans combo or wear it on top of a button down shirt for a slightly more dressed-up, but casual, look.

WTF: the Munster shoe

The Munster shoe is kind of like the Frankenstein of footwear. The popular nineties style has the Victorian, creeper and platform elements all in one shoe. With the grunge style coming back in full force, it’s no surprise someone tried to revive this trend.

This time designer John Fluevog tries his han but it’s not as elegant as one would hope, especially with that sculpted heel. Those with a more conservative style should style away. These shoes can easily look ridiculous as if not styled properly. Let’s reserve the Munsters for those with lots of style to spare.

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