Look for Less: Emma Stone is geek chic

Posted on October 11, 2012 by

Clip-on bow tie. Nerdy glasses. Red hand bag. Emma Stone sure knows how to accessorize! She transformed this simple jeans-and-a-sweater look into a tres chic ensemble. It’s the perfect look for shopping or just hanging out with a friend, which is exactly what Emma was doing in L.A. earlier this week. 
If you’re in love with dark and dull colours — like me — the best way to amp up your look is with a bold hand bag or shoes. Black is classic but it can get boring so go ahead and buy those ridiculous shoes you’ve been secretly eyeing! They’ll help enhance your monochromatic look and maybe you’ll start a new trend. 
Here’s how you can accessorize to get this casual yet sophisticated look for less.
Geek chic frames, Claires, $10 

Unisex velvet bow tie, American Apparel, $26

Feltmann staple bag, Aldo, $50

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