Exposing the duct tape movie lie

Posted on October 11, 2012 by

Duct seems to be the tool of choice for fictional kidnappers and home invaders who want to silence their victims in movies. They tape over the person’s mouth with the silver sticky lining to prevent them from talking, screaming or drawing attention to themselves.

The whole concept just didn’t sit right with , who wondered if duct tape would actually be strong enough to hold a person’s lips together. He tested out the theory by applying it on himself. The result? EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT MOVIES IS A LIE.

However, commenters on YouTube were quick to offer suggestions like wrapping the duct tape around the person’s head several times and gagging them. While our minds are blown that movies aren’t actually 100 percent accurate, we’re also surprised and concerned that YouTubers are basically kidnapping experts.

Watch it here:

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