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5 best gifs from Demi Lovato’s Teen Vogue shoot

Posted on October 11, 2012 by


I needed a few seconds to get over how pretty Demi Lovato looks in these new Teen Vogue photos. Those rosy cheeks paired with her lovely mermaid hair. Swoon. As if the photos weren’t beautiful enough, Demi opened up to Teen Vogue about some serious topics — including her recovery from rehab. I totally love Demi for doing this. She’s turning out to be a great role model for girls her age and even younger.

Watch the interview here:

Here are 5 amazing gifs from the photo shoot:


This one says, “I’m Demi Lovato. Watch me as I bat my lashes in slow motion.”


Unimpressed Demi is unimpressed.


We like to call this one “The Turn and Smile.”


Was that a slight wink I just saw?


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