Whatever happens, just be glad you’re not this girl

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While many people are bashing this video, in which a stripper turned Internet star explains why she’s voting for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, Democrats couldn’t be happier. If  this is the face of Romney’s campaign, surely it will encourage more people to vote for Barack Obama, right?

Paytas describes herself on Twitter as a mix between Woody Allen and your friendly neighbourhood hooker. In her video “Why I’m Voting For Mitt Romney” she forewarns people that she doesn’t really follow politics (she didn’t watch the debate but knows there was something about Big Bird and Romney won, “yeah!!”). She says she’s voting Romney because he’s HAWT and her kitten is named Mitts, so it’s DEFINITELY a sign. “We haven’t really had a hot president since Kennedy, but we all know how that ended, so yeah.”

If this is an Internet troll then we bow down to her but if she’s serious, I’m shaking my head at her with a look of haughty derision.

Based on her other videos, it looks like Paytas is a “personality” and playing up to a character. Still, it’s a pretty sad portrait of a misinformed, superficial anti-intellectual — why would she want to play this character at all?

Watch it here:

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