How to faceplant like a pro

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I’ve always been proud to say that I’ve never faceplanted. But after watching The Ultimate Faceplants Compilation, I ask myself — am I missing out? Is faceplanting a world-wide craze that’s been happening right beneath my unbroken and unplanted nose? This video makes me believe that people everywhere are just flopping about in the name of faceplanting.

In the video, we see dozens of skateboarders, pogo-ers, innocent children and prom queens faceplanting like it’s nobody’s business. In all seriousness, I think that faceplanting could lead to a major breakthrough in psychology. The amount of different reactions to the fails are painfully hilarious and probably say a lot about the human brain.

How to react to a faceplant:

1. Shut down everything.

Literally everyone in this video completely shuts down immediately after their epic fail. If you ever faceplant, make sure to lie on the ground in complete stillness to completely bury your shame. At least that way, no one will see your freshly-planted face.

2. Laugh. Preferably at your mom.

These kids in the video know exactly what they’re doing. If your mother reacts to your faceplant by spoiling your afternoon of fun, just laugh it off. It’ll add an extra burn to her afternoon.

3. Next time, carry a camera.

Prone to faceplanting? Maybe you should get your friends to record you at all times. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the next Ultimate Faceplants Compilation!

Watch the video here:

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