Coolest grandparents ever ghost ride the whip!

Posted on October 10, 2012 by

I’ve always been pretty convinced that my grandparents are the most swagged-out people on the planet. My whole life has been a lie.

Today, we found this video by bsmiles86 called “Ghost Ridin’ Grandma.” It really is as amazing as it sounds. After a short debate of what to do with their elderly lives, the grandma and grandpa in the video make the ultimate decision to ghost ride the whip. The duo take a casual stroll next to their yellow Scion, while “Ghost Ride It” by Mistah Fab blares in the background. No biggie.

What we want to know is, where are they going? Are they aimlessly wandering through their epic lives (what’s left of them) or are they riding with a purpose? Naw, we think they just lead lives of total badassery and don’t need an excuse to ghost ride their whips.

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One response to “Coolest grandparents ever ghost ride the whip!”

  1. Tess says:

    Great video…love it and sharing! this is how all grandparents should be!

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