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Best Dressed: Elle Fanning, Cher Lloyd, Taylor Swift and more

Posted on October 10, 2012 by

Elle Fanning

What she’s wearing: The younger Fanning sister opted for a vintage 1930s chiffon print maxi dress to the premiere of her new film ‘Ginger & Rosa’ at the New York Film Festival.

Why we love it: For such a young actress, Fanning is proving her fashion chops with this look. A mix of floral and polka dots would usually make for a weird combination but it works in this easy and breezy chiffon number. Plus the sheerness in the sleeves makes this dress less matronly. Plus Fanning beautifully accents and modernizes this look with gold metallic Marni wedges.

Takeaway: Go vintage! You’ll be surprised at what you can find in your local vintage or second hand store (heck maybe you’ll find some goodies tucked away in your attic!). It may be a mission to find that one-of-a-kind amazing piece but it’ll be worth the effort when you do. Plus going against the grain of wearing the latest designer duds is always on-trend!

Cher Lloyd

What she’s wearing: The U.K. popstar was snapped leaving ‘The Today Show’ in NYC wearing Cheap Monday’s ombré  Second Skin Faded Black jeans, a printed top, and a green jacket.

Why we love it: Ombré has been a popular design technique for a while now. You probably have seen it done in dresses, tops, and even hair. And the fading technique works just as well in jeans too! Lloyd tops it off with a sweet bow print top and an (asparagus?) green jacket (an on-trend colour for fall).

Takeaway: What helps makes this ombré look work is that Lloyd continues the fading effect by wearing darker colours on top and lighter colours on the bottom (with her pale pink converse sneakers). You don’t have to stick with just the colours within the fade, you can still add pops of colour as proven in this look.

Taylor Swift

What she’s wearing: T-Swift was spotted leaving The Hospital Club in London wearing a mustard cardigan, a French Connection oxblood top, and polka dotted jeans from AG Adriano Goldschmied.

Why we love it: As I mentioned last week, Swift has been rocking some major vintage-inspired looks recently and this is no exception. Mustard yellow has become a staple for fall, and she pairs it with current on-trend colour oxblood. Her sweater also includes a cool printed statement collar as well, which is highlighted by her pearl necklace. Added to this are her polka-dot jeans which draw you eyes down to her fun Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ flats. Overall Swift looks like a cool cat from the beatnick era. Oh and don’t forget the Mark Cross satchel bag and Ray-bans that complete the look too!

Takeaway: Coloured denim is everywhere but you can standout by trying some printed denim like Swift’s polka-dots ones or even Cher Lloyd’s ombré pair.

Robert Pattinson

What he’s wearing: Pattinson was seen leaving his NYC hotel wearing cobalt blue jeans, dark denim jacket, steel hoodie, blue henley, blue toque/beanie, and clubmaster Ray-Bans.

Why we love it: The last time Pattinson made this list he was also working the blue monochromatic look. Although this look is considerably more casual than his blue Gucci suit, the varying shades of blue technique really works for the Twilight star. What makes this look standout is how well his cobalt jeans pop from the other darker blue hues he’s got going on.

Takeaway: “Monochromatic outfits (those in varying shades of one colour) can be tricky but quite remarkable if pulled off correctly. Try staying within a shade range so that the colour transitions from one shade to the next, without jumping from one extreme to another.” (Yes I just quoted myself, but why mess with perfection when I already said some amazing stuff! Haters are gonna hate!)

Amanda Seyfried

What she’s wearing: I don’t know where you were celebrating Mean Girls Day, but Amanda Seyfried spent October 3rd at the Miu Miu Spring 2013 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week not wearing pink but in a hot red suit from the fashion line’s Fall 2012 collection.

Why we love it: Women’s suits have made a comeback thanks to the current menswear trend so wearing a suit alone doesn’t cut it anymore on the red carpet. Not only is the outhit and a bold red colour, it stands out from other suits because of its simplicity and more manly cut. I don’t mean Seyfried looks like a man but that this suit isn’t overtly feminine as other suits out there– it’s more androgynous which is actually really different and refreshing for a Hollywood starlet. Also the simplicity and solid colour of her suit makes her plum lipstick and Prada pumps pop even more. She adds a pop of print in her Prada geometric-print bag.

Takeaway: If you keep your look simple and minimalistic you can take a lot more risks with your accessories, hair, and makeup. Also if the androgynous look scares you choose to balance it with very feminine accessories or very feminine makeup. This should cut down your fears of looking mannish, but in the end you should still feel confident in defying gender norms.

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