10 photos of the week: pink beards, boner pools, the Obama dog turns four and more.

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Boner pool

Oh, to swim in a giant phallus. This penis-pool was made especially for the Hawaiian home of the boner pill inventor. We can’t make this stuff up.

Pink bearded man runs for breast cancer awareness
This guy just became my hero. Not only does he look like an adorable pink teddy bear, but he is also completing his second 5k run for breast cancer awareness. The best part? He did it for his mum! Aww.

Weirdly sensual lion painting
Umm.. I have NO words for this.

Underwater photo-bombing

This guy just wanted to rock out underwater and capture his vacation on camera. Instead, he got photobombed by the most epic fish of all time. Slow clap for this little guy and his perfect timing.

F*ck everything glasses

These glasses would be perfect for the annoying and awfully packed crowds of the subway station. Wearing these is like passive-aggressively telling everyone to move the f*ck out of your way.

Bo Obama turned four

The Obamas’ pup turned four this week! He celebrated with the President by playing some football.

Learning how to spell your name – the bad ass way

The little girl’s name is Riley. See what they did there?


A dog painting within a dog painting. As a side note, the animal looks totally zoned out from concentration.

Tom Hanks makes a fan’s day

The actor sent this note back to the fans who wanted Hanks to appear on their podcast show. The group sent Hanks a typewriter in order to bribe the actor. It worked.

Random act of kindness

This total stranger left a plastic bag on someone’s bike seat so that it wouldn’t get wet in the rain. So nice!

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One response to “10 photos of the week: pink beards, boner pools, the Obama dog turns four and more.”

  1. Steve says:

    Tom Hanks is a collector of typewriters and other vintage memorabilia. Just thought I’d add that if anyone out there was thinking it was an odd thing to send him!

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